History Of Homework From Ancient Time Till Nowadays

Most of the times when you have been assigned homework, you will sit down and start wondering who is this guy that invented this tiresome piece of work. Nothing just sprouts from anywhere and just like everything has a past, there is also a history of homework. There are however various versions by myhomeworkdone.com that try to explain how this academic activity came about.

The origin of homework

The first belief about homework is that there is this person that we curse almost on daily basis who invented homework. His name was Roberto Nevillis from Venice. He was a teacher. He gave his students a test and they failed terribly and as a way of punishing them, he decided to invent homework and this is how assignments are believed to come about by some people. Another theory is that homework originated from California in 1901 since this is the first place where homework was abolished.

Why homework is important

It does not matter who invented what but what is important is that how does homework help a student. Through this, we get to learn since it enhances understanding, it also helps the teacher to cover the areas that he or she could not cover in class due to time constraint and finally essays and other forms of writing are a way of expressing oneself and maybe these are the things Nevillis had in mind when he invented homework.

The development of homework

In the past, when I wanted to write my homework, I had no choice but to find a textbook, a pen and paper and spend my entire day in the library researching whether I like it or not. Well nowadays things have changed with the introduction of technology. There are student homework websites that provide assistance. Below are some of the websites where you can get online homework help.

Writing firms

If maybe you have science project, all you need to do is to find the best available company and key in the words I need help with my science homework and you will be helped. You however should seek referral to the best site since some of these websites are managed by cons. Find an online homework service that will charge you fairly also and delivers high quality work.


Unlike online companies, freelancers own, run and manage their firms. If you need help with homework, you just get their details and contact them. The advantages of this is that you can at least know who is specifically handling your paper and in case of problems, they can be held responsible.

Online discussion forums

In this case, what you need to do is to find the suitable one, register and join. Once you are a member, find a person who has the skills to help you with whatever work it is and settle on an agreeable price. The good thing about groups is that apart from getting online homework help, you also get to learn some of the tips that will help you gain prowess.

In conclusion, the greatest milestone of the history of homework is that we have progressed from doing it manually to getting homework help online and many can attest to this as being the best option ever since one does not have to feel it as a burdening process.